3 reasons why back pain is a growing hurdle in South India

The desk-bound life

In this modern age, the world has welcomed the arduous work culture with open arms. It’s safe to say that long working hours have taken over most of our lives, time and health.

Not many people have the option of escaping this way of life. The rise of smart gadgets has further made our existence a stationary haven of comfort. In our country too, a certain way of life cocoons South India in particular because of the fast-paced life that is prevalent in the metropolitan cities.

The working hours that are common in cities like Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore present a clear picture of the kind of side effects that come with this lifestyle. Lately, this has become an obstacle considering how it affects our mental and physical health.

Hazards of a sedentary lifestyle 

Of course, there are perils to living a life that keeps you plugged in for a quarter of the day and seated in the midst of four walls. For instance, an active lifestyle becomes strenuous due to inactivity and lack of mobility. A bad posture that is a result of constantly sitting in one position is another disadvantage of this way of life.

The underlying drawbacks to this way of life don’t end here.

Fatigue of the mind and body due to excessive work leads to absent mindedness and disrupts the function of the spine. Getting stuck in traffic while commuting long distances leads to more discomfort and misalignment of the spine; leaving it in no condition to perform rigorous physical tasks.

Lifting heavy objects or overtaxing the body makes the spine even weaker and can be “back-breaking”!

Overcoming the barriers

You may have experienced the direct impact of such a life. If you find yourself leaping into the desk-bound lifestyle, there is also a healthy path that you can head towards.

With a shift in the work culture, the hurdles are bound to grow in the coming years, but this can be countered. Exercise and yoga are a great place to start. You can also try realigning your spine by taking up sports or any kind of physical activity. In the likely case that you’re pressed for time, you can still take the healthier route by taking frequent breaks and stretching out intermittently.

Another requisite to get past this obstacle is to have an understanding of the kind of mattress you need to sleep on. The only time your back is at rest is when you’re sleeping so choosing the right mattress is an essential requirement to get rid of back pain.

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