Creature Comforts: How Choosing the Right Mattress Makes all the Difference

Here’s a statistic to ponder your Zs over: On average, did you know that 61 percent of India’s population sleeps for less than seven hours a day? That’s one whole hour below the doctor’s recommendation. Studies have shown that it is not just how much you sleep, but also the quality of sleep that affects one’s health. And you sleep in your bed, on the mattress – that ought to make the mattress quite important as far as good sleep is concerned!

Surprisingly, not too many people put too much thought into buying the right mattress and tend to consider cost over comfort and health. Awareness if the first step towards change, and here is a list of what to look out for in a mattress.

1. Start by taking a good hard look at your existing mattress and consider its age. How many years ago did you buy the mattress? Is it affecting your sleep, causing discomfort? Has it bent out of its original shape? If a mattress has aged over ten years, and if your answer is yes to the above questions, it has reached its expiry date, and it would be wise to buy a new one.
2. Now that you’re armed with this knowledge, the next step is to do your research. Before deciding on the mattress, take some time and consider your options. You could research online for the different types of mattresses available or at the various outlets selling mattresses in your locality. Talk to your doctor if you are suffering from any existing back, spinal or orthopaedic conditions so you can be sure of what’s best for you.
3. Once you’ve done your research, the next step is to shop at an actual mattress store. Try to visit a store that’s dedicated only to mattresses, since you will be able to decide easier than department stores that may not have the entire range to choose from. Moreover, in a mattress store that gives you the feel of the user experience, you have time to feel the makings of you potential bed – for the decade or more of nighttime trysts!
4. Test drive your mattress. You are making a health investment for years to come. Lie down, roll around, test the durability and flexibility of the mattress you choose. Make sure you pick a mattress that suits your body type. While the general perception is that hard mattresses are better suited for the back, this isn’t necessarily the case with everyone.
5. Once you’ve made the decision and are happy with the price, don’t forget to check for the warranty of the mattress. Most quality mattresses come with a 10-year warranty and should be replaceable within the warranty period, free of cost.

Take your time, do your research; feel the material and how the structure supports you. There are so many options today that there is a right option for everyone. It is for you to pick the right one, and there are experts to help you in the process.

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