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Plush Comfort Mattress for a Luxurious Sleep | Restolex
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Mattress For Plush Comfort

If you love the feeling of sinking in while you sleep to get a good night’s rest, most mattresses will leave you wanting for more. Restolex has the right plush decadence lined up for you, without ignoring the fact that a firm mattress beneath provides adequate body support.

  • A Restolex spring mattress has a uniform distribution of springs which are made of high-tensile steel. This provides each mattress with the right amount of springiness. You can choose between a pocket spring or bonnell spring mattress.
  • You get a latex foam mattress or a memory foam mattress such as those available in the Spine Comfort series and Royale Plus mattress. They use naturally breathable latex foam with OCS (Open Cell Structure) enabled memory foam for coolness across seasons.
  • The memory foam used by Restolex moulds to your body contour while supporting your spine, providing a high level of comfort. It also provides firm support to pressure points such as shoulders and hip.

Restolex understands every individual is special and has different needs. Orthopaedic support, cooling properties, and luxurious comfort are the hallmarks of Restolex.

Mattress Range

Summer Grand Mattress

  • Thick Layer of Natural Latex foam provides maximum support that conforms perfectly to your body
  • High density soft foam and memory foam offers luxurious comfort
  • Bonnell spring panel offers superior back support
  • Breathable bamboo fabric take you close to nature
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Resto Passion

  • Offers body aligning support and total comfort
  • Provides mattress breathability
  • Reduces body heat build-up and tossing-and-turning
  • Minimises impact from partner movement
  • Latex Foam resists mold and dust mites
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Resto Majesty

  • Takes the shape of the body’s contours
  • Removes stress from pressure points
  • Reduces body heat build-up and tossing-and- turning
  • Offers luxurious comfort and body aligning support
  • Minimises impact from partner movement
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  • The pincores in the latex foam ensure the mattress stays cool, dry and fresh
  • The mattress is crafted so that there is minimal pressure on the body’s pressure points and ensures better blood circulation
  • The use of latex ensures the mattress is anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic
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Pocket Spring

  • Individually encased springs provide better weight distribution and reduced motion transfer
  • Each pocketed spring is crafted to support extra body weight
  • The top layer of triple foam quilting provides luxuriously comfortable sleep
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Resto Pride

  • Pincores of the OCS (Open Cell Structure)-enabled latex foam provide mattress breathability
  • OCS enabled latex foam reduces heat buildup and therefore reduces tossing and turning
  • Medium firm Polyurethane foam offers luxurious comfort.
  • Bonnell springs offer orthopaedic support and comfort to the spine
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Resto Glamour

  • Medium firm Polyurethane foam offers luxurious comfort and support
  • Individually encased springs offer better weight distribution, motion separation and conformability
  • Double foam quilt provides added comfort
  • Hardened steel border wire provides edge suppot
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