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Mattress gone wrong? How do you know?

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Mattress gone wrong? How do you know?

How often do you change your refrigerator, cot or car?  Maybe once every 6-10 years.

We think about these things and replace them at an appropriate time. We know that most items in our homes including the house itself deteriorate over time. Not just in terms of monetary value or comfort but also relevance with current technology and facilities. New  technology  can get you an improved experience, often at a cheaper price.

But do you think of replacing your mattress? The poor neglected thing, always hidden under the bed sheet. And yet, we spend a third of our lives on it, sleeping.

Just like other items around the house, mattresses require regular maintenance and cleaning as well as replacement after some years.

Mattresses have evolved

Mattresses have gone through a lot of change over the last few years. Core materials have transformed from standard cotton to foam to coir to spring.


Apart from core materials, mattress layers have gone through study and change – with innovative solutions coming up using materials like  Memory Foam and Latex that deliver varied comfort and support to suit individual needs.

So when is the right time to change your old mattress?

Watch out for these simple yet effective cues to know your mattress is near its last stage.

  • You wake up feeling stiff or aching
  • p-pillow-talk-mattress-1
  • You have a better night’s sleep somewhere else.
  • p-pillow-talk-mattress-2
  • Your mattress is sagging.
  • p-pillow-talk-mattress-3
  • Your mattress creaks when you move.
  • p-pillow-talk-mattress-4
  • You can feel individual springs, if you have a spring mattress.
  • p-pillow-talk-mattress-5
  • Your mattress is more than 6-8 yrs old.
  • p-pillow-talk-mattress-6
  • You start getting dust allergies, especially after you wake up.
  • p-pillow-talk-mattress-7
  • Your mattress has bad smell even after cleaning.
  • p-pillow-talk-mattress-8
  • Your mattress feels either too soft or too hard for your present health condition.
  • p-pillow-talk-mattress-9

An aging or inappropriate mattress can affect your health. After all, a good sleep makes all the difference.

If your mattress meets any of the above telltale signs, you may need to change your mattress.

Visit our site Restolex.com to give yourself best advantage every night.

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