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Memory Foam Mattress – Come! Fall In Love With Sleep - Restolex
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Memory Foam Mattress – Come! Fall In Love With Sleep


Heard about love at first sight. But what about love at first Sleep? Yes memory foam just does that to you. Memory foam is revolutionalising the way the world sleeps.

The memory foam mattress has been designed in a way that the mattress automatically adjusts to the shape of the body. It is extremely soft and the back will not feel any hard or stubborn lumps that may cause back problems. It makes for great support for the body, especially the back. The memory form relaxes into the shape of the body and conforms to an angle that the spine would absolutely love.


This can properly align the spine into the shape that it is supposed to be in .Thus, back aches are drastically reduced. Stress on the shoulders and the hips are also reduced.


Why Memory Foam is So Popular These days?

  • The original memory foam was invented in the early 1970s by NASA scientists. Their mission? To develop a pressure-relieving material that would   cushion astronauts in rocket cockpits against extreme forces during blastoff.
  • Memory foam is a chemically produced foam known as viscoelastic, with ‘visco’ referring to the material deforming when a force is applied, and ‘elastic’ referring to the material returning to its original shape when the force is removed. So memory foam actually hugs you back when you sleep thereby providing you with ultimate sleep experience.colchón-barato-viscoelástico
  • Support – A Memory foam mattress is usually denser than other mattresses , this makes it more supportive.

Pressure Point relief – Memory Foam mattresses eliminate all pressure points thereby reducing body pain and providing comfortable sleep.


  • Better Weight Distribution – When sleeping with your partner on traditional coil spring mattress a “roll – together” effect can occur. But with memory foam this won’t happen. You both will be perfectly supported on your side of bed.
  • Hypoallergenic – Memory foam mattresses are hypoallergenic and anti –microbial because of their denser structure which makes it ideal for allergy sufferer.

 What’s so special about Restolex Memory Foam mattresses ?

Restolex mattresses are class apart and superior as compared to industry standards.Here’s a look at Restolex advantage :  



  • Restolex mattresses use memory foam with the ocs (open cell structure) system to offset heat trapping and ensure that the sleeper is comfortable even in summer.
  • Restolex memory foam mattresses do not have to be flipped or rotated and involve zero maintenance.
  • The visco elasticity of the foam used by restolex is superior to industry standards; this enhances the body contouring experience significantly.
  • A restolex memory foam mattress has a density of 65 which is ideal for pressure relief.Thus, Memory foam mattresses provide comfort like no other mattress because of its ability to mould in accordance with every body type – no matter how large or how small.They can easily absorb heat and they provide warmth to the injured back. They are also able to make sure that one does not feel the movements of other people sleeping on the same mattress by absorbing energy.Try Restolex range of memory foam mattresses today to actually experience falling in love with sleep.

Restolex : Rise and Shine

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#Sleep easy with Restolex.

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