Pocket Spring Mattress, Construction and Review

The purchase of a mattress is a significant long-term investment decision that people make to lead healthy and happy lives.

It is important to make the right choice when you are picking one for yourself, and various options can be explored. One such mattress is the Pocket Spring Mattress, which is considered to be a more comfortable mattress than an open coil mattress by some users.

Compare and Contrast –Pocket Spring Mattresses v/s Open Coil

A pocket spring mattress is made of individual springs which are sewn into separate pockets of fabric. A pocket spring mattress offers better support and comfort than an open coil mattress.

In an open coil mattress, each spring is placed alongside another within a wired frame. The springs in an open coil mattress serve as a single unit, disturbing your partner when you toss and turn at night. A pocket spring mattress addresses this problem. The springs work individually and make sure your partner sleeps undisturbed.

When partners of different weights sleep on a pocket spring mattress, it makes both of them experience a quiet night. The spring pockets help in maintaining the correct sleeping posture too. Packed with more springs than an open coil mattress, pocket spring mattresses offer superior support and body contouring.

Two Types of Pocket Spring Mattress – The Restolex Advantage

Restolex offers a choice of pocket spring mattresses that promise efficient weight distribution while providing the best sleeping comfort. Pick from pocket springs teamed with latex foam or memory foam, depending on your preference. The features that set them apart are listed here:

Pocket Spring Mattresses with Latex Foam

Restolex offers triple layered pocket spring mattresses. These mattresses promise enhanced support and match the contours of your body while at rest. The use of hypoallergenic latex foam comes handy in keeping the mattress away from mould and dust mites.

This latex foam mattress is suitable for children and sensitive adults too. It incorporates the OCS (Open Cell Structure) technology which sports pin-cores to enhance its breathability. Additionally, the individually encased springs go a long way towards better weight distribution for uninterrupted and undisturbed sleep.

Pocket Spring Mattresses with Memory Foam

Characterised by a soft firmness, Restolex brings to the table an assortment of pocket spring mattresses topped with memory foam. A memory foam mattress tunes itself to the contours of the body in response to the sleeper’s body heat. Helping people relax by removing the stress from various pressure points of their bodies, coupled with the OCS technology, this mattress is an example of true innovation. Supported by individually encased springs, this firm mattress helps in better distribution of body weight and provides the advantages of motion separation and conformance to the shape of the body.

The use of technology and superior materials ensure that these beds are comfortable and long-lasting. Try out a spring mattress that you find comfortable, and you will sleep well to a longer life.

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