The Indian Fascination for Memory Foam

Who wouldn’t want to experience blissful sleep on a mattress that makes you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud? What if you could drift off to sleep on a mattress that conforms to every curve and inch, and supports the pressure points in your body?
It is no wonder that memory foam mattresses have become a popular choice for customers in India. Undoubtedly, the popularity of these mattresses comes from the feel that they provide.

Usually for Indians, a good mattress is one that provides enough comfort and good support. Memory foam mattress have the unique ability to provide both a soothing sensation as well as sufficient support to the body. Since it is made from polyurethane, the mattresses stay firmer in cool temperatures and become softer when the temperature is warm. What makes memory foam an attractive option for Indians? It could be the way this mattress responds to the body’s natural heat. These mattresses are dense and quickly mould to the shape of a warm body. Hence, they are more supportive than standard mattresses.

On an average, Indians get only 6.6 hours of sleep per night rather than the actual recommended 8 hours. Specifically, the Indian IT crowd in metropolitans such as Chennai and Bangalore are said to have more disturbed sleep. Memory foam mattresses have come to claim the idea of plush comfort that can provide a better sleeping experience and proper back support to sleep deprived Indians. Being denser than the usual mattresses, memory foam conforms to the body’s shape, creating a cradling effect and thereby reducing tossing and turning. The mattress represents luxury as it provides the proper support to your back by reducing the pressure on joints and spine, causing alleviation of pain.

It is quite surprising how a mattress that was actually designed by NASA to aid astronauts in absorbing g-shock during take off has now become one of the most popular choices in the Indian mattress industry. Memory foam is certainly one of the most innovative changes in the recent history of sleep technology. Its ability to relieve pain in the back and joints, the motion isolation between partners and the way it adjusts to the temperature of the sleeper’s body, have contributed to the dramatic rise in the popularity of memory foam in India.

Though memory foam is probably a detour from the conventional coir and spring mattress, it might just be the right solution to catch a good night’s sleep. After all, what can be more valuable than a perfect sleeping experience!

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